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American Air Conditioning Company has been servicing homes in South Florida for over 32 years. Over the years, we have strategically assembled a talented group of Boca Raton air conditioning and heating technicians capable of handling each and every aspect of our customers' home comfort needs.

American Air Conditioning Company provides the very best heating and cooling products available, keeping in mind it is important your system be installed correctly and as energy efficient as possible. Some of the products we offer include: Home Heating and Air Conditioning Accessories, Dehumidifiers, New Home Comfort Systems, Mechanical and Electronic Air Cleaners, and Indoor Air Quality Products.

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Systems

Boca Raton hvac contractorHVAC systems are climate control systems installed in buildings to provide proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Additional to providing thermal comfort they are meant to provide acceptable indoor air quality and the ability to regulate and maintain the systems. An HVAC system typically consists of central heating, forced or displacement ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Our Boca Raton HVAC contractors can take care of each component of your HVAC systems [...]

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Central Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs

Boca Raton Air Conditioning repairsCentral heating and air conditioning systems generally consists of a furnace or heat pump used to heat water, steam or air in a central location, and then distributes the heat through piping or ductwork. Likewise, there is a cooling unit. At American Air Conditioning company we provide a full range of central heating and air conditioning services including AC repair and maintenance, duct cleaning and duct repair, installation of new equipment, same day 24-hour emergency service, and attic insulation. [...]

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