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Heating and AC Repair in Boynton BeachAmerican Air Conditioning Company is here when you need your air conditioning repaired "fast and now" in scorching South Florida. We all know that we cannot survive without AC down here, this is why American Air Conditioning prides ourselves on getting to your Boynton Beach location as soon as the problem starts. We are the number one Boynton Beach air conditioning company because we are this reliable.

We mean fast and available when we claim it. With 32 years of experience and offering Same Day 24 Hour Emergency AC Services to all of our customers, you can't beat it. You can feel comfortable (and soon to be cool) having our talented technicians working in your home in Boynton Beach.

That's not all! - American Air Conditioning Company is also a professional heating and indoor air quality specialist. We work with air cleaners and duct cleaning to furnace repairs, boiler maintenance, and central heating installation, you can count on us for all of your home comfort needs.

Call American Air Conditioning Company today to get the job done right, always at a fair price! We look forward to being the Boynton Beach air conditioning company that you rely on for Boynton Beach AC repairs, air conditioning maintenance, and proper air conditioning installation services.

Boynton Beach Heating

Boynton Beach heating provides installation and ongoing service of most HVAC equipment for homes, apartments and multi-residential units.  Our expertise in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) provides the proper regulation of room temperature, humidity, and air flow, ensuring that such elements remain within their acceptable and comfortable ranges.

Effective control of these factors also minimizes health-related risks. South Florida is known for its humidity, and as much as we love it here a very humid atmosphere impairs the body’s ability to regulate body temperature as it prevents the evaporation of sweat. High humidity also decreases physical strength, which usually leads to fatigue. Our services can help with this. Call Boynton Beach Heating today and an experienced contractor will help you find the right system for your home.

Boynton Beach Air Conditioning

Do you need air conditioning repairs after-hours? Do not get used to being in this sticky humidity and heat. Call American Air Conditioning Company for speedy Boynton Beach AC repairs!

American Air Conditioning Company is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We provide speedy, Same Day Emergency Boynton Beach AC repairs you can rely on to be done correctly every time. We offer competitive pricing, and our talented technicians are the best in the Boynton Beach air conditioning industry.

American Air Conditioning Company: the Boynton Beach air conditioning repairs company you can rely on anytime!

Boynton Beach Duct Cleaning

Every 5 years your air ducts should be cleaned and they should be yearly inspected. This way when you come in after being in outside in the warm air of South Florida, you will be breathing cool clean, mold free air.

With American Air Conditioning Company in Boynton Beach as your air duct cleaning specialists you can always be confident that the air that you are breathing inside of your home or office is healthy and clean. Our trained technicians will inspect your air ducts and clean all internal components to remove dirt, dust, mold etc. Rely on American Air Conditioning to remove irritants found inside your homes heating and cooling systems.

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  • 33472
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  • 33474