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Heating and AC Repair in Delray BeachAmerican Air Conditioning Company proudly serves the residents of sunny Delray Beach. We handle air conditioning, duct cleaning and all of your HVAC service and installation needs. Since 1981, American Air Conditioning has been serving the homes and businesses in Delray Beach and has become one of the most trusted service companies in the area. We offer services that help meet the needs of our customers and we understand that living without AC is not an option in our humid but beautiful state. Our team will get the job done as soon as the problem starts. Here at American Air Conditioning Company we offer Same Day 24 Hour Emergency AC Services to all of our customers , there is no waiting around.. We Guarantee it. Some of our services include duct cleaning, furnace repairs, boiler maintenance, and central heating installation. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

Delray Beach Heating

Some believe living in Florida means you never need to turn on the heat, that is not always the case. In the winter the temperature can drop to 40 degrees and under and if you are used to Delray Beach heat that is going to be a big SHOCK for you! While dropping under 40 degrees may be few and far between, 50-60 degrees is more regular for Delray Beach winters and will be chilly and uncomfortable at night for some. If you are prepare yourself and give American Air Conditioning a call before this happens you may not freeze all night during theses times.

American Air Conditioning offers..
  • The installation HVAC equipment for Delray Beach residents.
  • Repair Services of existing A/C units
  • Maintenance services to ensure that systems last

Call American Air Conditioning in Delray Beach today and an experienced contractor will help you find the right system for your home.

Delray Beach Air Conditioning

Did you know that your home cooling system probably runs about 2,000 hours per year? If during that time you chose not to maintain it or give it a tune-up then that is very similar to driving a car nonstop for 130,000 miles! No machine should go that long without being maintained, because it usually does not last or small damage turns into bigger damage by neglecting the problem. That is why American Air Conditioning in Delray Beach is here to help you take care of your home cooling system. We install an air conditioner, provide regular tune-ups, repair when needed and if it is an emergency we are only a phone call away for our Same Day 24 hour emergency service. Delray Beach is a hot place and we will not let our customers suffer in that, we will always be there right away! Call American Air Conditioning in Delray Beach today and we will send an A/C Service Contractor your way!

Delray Beach Duct Cleaning

The heat in Delray Beach is great and we love it, but 95 degrees and humid is not a comfortable temperature all of the time. Statistically, like the majority of people in Delray Beach, you probably spend around 90% of your time indoors with the air conditioner blasting, because it is so hot out. If you do not clean your air ducts regularly then the air you are breathing in your house all of the time is polluted. Unclean ducts normally have dust, mites and bacteria in them, sometimes even insects, rodents etc. This gets into the air and is very bad for your health, healthy air is something everyone should invest in.

American Air Conditioning Company will properly clean your ducts and maintain them. We recommend them being inspected annually and cleaned every 5 years. This is not a big investment to breathe and you can count on us that we are fully trained and properly working and spotless. Give American Air Conditioning a call and an experienced Delray Beach duct cleaning contractor will be at your service today!

Zip Codes we provide AC Service for in Delray Beach, FL

  • 33444
  • 33445
  • 33446
  • 33447
  • 33448
  • 33482
  • 33483
  • 33484