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Lantana Air Conditioning & heating repair company

Heating and AC Repair in LantanaGive American Air Conditioning Company a call today if you are experiencing heat or AC difficulties. Our team has served Lantana residents for the last 32 years with quality repair, maintenance and installation services in both residential and commercial locations. We are so aware that being comfortable in your environment is a huge factor in our daily life and whether it is too hot or too cold, you can guarantee that our team at American Air Conditioning company will be there to serve you. We offer Same Day 24 Hour Emergency AC Services, and our team understands the sense of urgency when your AC goes out in the middle of a hot and humid day in South Florida. This service contributes to why we are the number one Lantana air conditioning company.

We look forward to being the Lantana air conditioning company that you rely on!

Lantana Heating

At American Air Conditioning Company in Lantana our team does the best job every time to install your heating system not only to your satisfaction but so it will last. We offer

  • Furnace installation
  • Boiler Installation
  • Heat Pump installation

  • Central Heating installation
You may wonder if you need any of this in the Lantana heat. It is better to be safe than sorry. Temperatures in Lantana can get down in the 50s and 60s. During that time if you are a Lantana native or if you are just used to the hot climate, that temperature will feel extremely cold to you, especially when you are trying to relax in your home. Call American Air Conditioning today we will install new heating systems, repair existing systems and provide preventative tune-ups to newly installed or existing systems to make sure that they run at their optimum ability.

Lantana Air Conditioning

When you need Lantana AC repairs, we are right there for you. Cool off with American Air Conditioning and give us a call today! Our air conditioning services include...

Air Conditioning Installation: Rely on American Air Conditioning to take care of your A/C installation needs. We are here to supply you with the best selection of home cooling systems available in the Lantana area.

Air Conditioning Repair: Let American Air Conditioning help you get your existing A/C running again.

A/C Tune-Ups(Maintenance): Do not let a small problem with an easy fix become a big problem because it is unknown. American Air Conditioning in Lantana offers preventative maintenance that is worth the investment.

Lantana Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning will help ensure that you and your family are breathing clean air. We at American Air Conditioning in Lantana suggest that every 5 years ducts should be cleaned as well as annually inspected. Mold can grown in neglected ducts, you may think nothing is wrong in your house but you have insects and bacteria in your air ducts. All of this gets into the air and unfortunately then in your lungs. Our trained technicians at American Air Conditioning in Lantana will clean all internal components to remove everything existing in there. Give American Air Conditioning a call today and get clean air back into your Lantana home!

Zip Codes we provide AC Service for in Coral Springs, FL

  • 33460
  • 33462
  • 33465

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