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Heating and AC Repair in Pompano BeachProviding quality service for Pompano Beach residents, American Air Conditioning Company is here when you need your AC repaired fast, and the heat of South Florida is getting the best of you. Our team has earned a reputation in the last 32 years with Pompano Beach residents for doing the job right the first time. American Air Conditioning repairs, services and installs air conditioning and heating. We offer a wide variety of other services as well. If you are in the Pompano Beach area and would like some more information, give American Air Conditioning a call today!

Pompano Beach Heating

Here at American Air Conditioning we are expert heating professionals providing a wide range of heating services in Pompano Beach. Heating residential and commercial locations in Pompano Beach may sound unnecessary, but in the winter months when the temperature drops and you are used to 90 degree whether you may regret not investing in your comfort. American Air Conditioning provides furnace installation and repair, boiler installation and repair, heat pump installation and repair and center heating installation services and repair. Not only do we install new systems or repair existing systems, we provide preventative maintenance to all systems, which saves money in the long run and makes sure that everything is working to its full potential. If it is not working to its full potential we will be able to catch it before the problem worsens with regular tune-ups.

Call Pompano Beach Heating today and an experienced contractor will help you find the right system for your home.

Pompano Beach Air Conditioning

Pompano Beach is a beautiful but hot and humid place. No one wants to go through a hot summer without A/C and the beach! At American Air Conditioning we provide 24 Hour emergency AC service so if you are in need of an air conditioning repair or installation immediately, then we are right there to provide quality service to the residents of Pompano Beach. Do not make yourself get used to cooking in this heat! Call us today and cool off! Here at American Air Conditioning we provide repair to existing A/C units, installation of new systems and a regular preventative maintenance program to make sure that you do not have to utilize our 24 hour emergency service!

Pompano Beach Duct Cleaning

Air Ducts get dirty just like everything in the world if left untouched for long enough. Air ducts may be out of site but the affects of an unclean duct lurks in your air that you breathe. You may have symptoms and feel sick and not even know what the problem is. Dirty air ducts can cause Asthma, allergic reactions, offensive odors, Mold and bacteria. Unclean ducts can even increase your utility bills because of decreased air flow throughout your house.

At least once a year your air handler and duct work should be inspected. Every 5 years it should be cleaned. American Air Conditioning is here to provide this service. Our team leaves nothing behind and ensures your safety by eliminating the mold, dust and germs allowing you to breathe fresh air again!

Give American Air Conditioning a call today for more information.

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