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American Air Conditioning Company is a professional Boca Raton Air Conditioning contractor. Our company provides a variety of air conditioning services in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas of South Florida. Some of our air conditioning services include air conditioner installation, air conditioning repairs, air conditioning maintenance, air conditioner replacement, and the installation of attic insulation to help with making your cooling system more efficient. We also provide 24 Hour emergency AC service. So whether you are in need of emergency air conditioner repairs, an air conditioning tune-up, or the installation of a new air conditioning systems, you can count on our Boca Raton air conditioning services technicians for superior quality service.

Services Our Boca Raton Air Conditioning Contractors Provide

Air Conditioning Installation

Boca Raton Air Conditioning InstallationWhether you are seeking to update your old air conditioner for a newer, more energy efficient air conditioning system or problems with your AC unit necessitate the investment in a new cooling system, you'll find top quality air conditioning systems at competitive prices at American Air Conditioning Company. We also provide expert air conditioning installation services so you can rest assured your air conditioner is installed correctly and your investment is protected ... Read More

Air Conditioning Repairs

Boca Raton Air Conditioning RepairsWhen you need air conditioning repairs, no one does it better than American Air Conditioning Company, the Boca Raton air conditioning company you can rely on for expert AC repairs and 24 hour emergency AC service. Don't suffer in the hot Florida heat. Just pick up the phone and call our Boca Raton air conditioning experts for affordable, speedy AC repairs ... Read More

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Boca Raton Air Conditioning Tune-UpOne of the first steps towards a more energy efficient home is the investment in routine air conditioning tune-ups. Air conditioning maintenance is, unfortunately, something homeowners throughout Boca Raton and the surrounding areas of South Florida tend to neglect. We rarely think about the condition of our home cooling systems until they stop working. But with regular air conditioning maintenance, you can avoid air conditioner malfunctions and save money on service calls while also improving the efficiency of your air conditioner ... Read More

Emergency AC Service

Boca Raton Emergency AC ServiceSouth Florida gets hot, there's no doubt about it. So when your air conditioner breaks down, you want it fixed - fast! With American Air Conditioning Company's expert air conditioning repair team just a phone call away, you can have your AC unit fixed promptly anytime, day or night. That's because we offer 24 hour emergency AC service for all our customers. So don't sweat it - just give us a call! Read More

Attic Insulation

Boca Raton Attic Insulation One of the best ways to retain cooled and heated air that your heating and air conditioning system produce is to have attic insulation installed. You'd be surprised at how many homes in South Florida are missing this keep structural element. A lack of attic insulation means every time your air conditioning system is on, that cool air - and your money - is going right outside, through the roof ... Read More

If you are looking for Boca Raton air conditioning services then please call 561-865-8923 or complete our online request form.